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eJavaGuru Professionals

A network of the Java programmers, this is your racing circuit to excel in your career through Oracle Java certification and acing the selection process.

Program Details

Java Upskilling and Certification program designed by Mala Gupta, Java Champion and leading author of Java books

Program Material

Manning Publications Java SE 11 Programmer I Certification Guide plus host of hands-on project, quizzes, sample questions, images, and explanations to reinforce key concepts


A structured 12 weeks program, it includes weekly audio or video conference calls to connect with your buddies.


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Great features you'll love.

Say Goodbye to boring exam preparation.

Connect with your mentor and peers

A group of upto 5 participants connect every week with their mentor and peers over a conference call, discussing their development, clearing doubts. Share a joke, laugh-like a regular classroom!

Write an exam question

Do you hate answering mock exam questions? Don't worry. Change sides. Write and share a question every week with your peers. You'll learn how to ask and answer questions better.

Comic strips

Create your own comic strips or images to remember concepts, topics or important points for the exam. Share, laugh, enjoy, remember!

Hands-on exercises

Work on hands-on exercises to get a better hang of the concepts covered in the exam.

Mini project

Working on a complete project is different to working on small coding exercises. Apply all the exam concepts using a mini-project at the end of the course.

Assessed project

Your mentor will help you to develop this project and assess your code, highlighting your strong or weak areas, recommending best practices.

Membership Fee

Pick the best plan for you.

Three Months


per quarter

Billed 10 days from start of program.

Pay as you go


Billed Per month

First month billed 10 days from start of program.

Hear what other programmers say.

  • Author image
    Steven Daniel Australia

    On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best), I would rate this course 5!

    I felt that the course met its purpose of enabling me to prepare for the OCA Java SE 8 certification, in an engaging (not boring) way.

    I found this course very interesting and challenging; the topics covered were extremely interesting, and I loved the hands-on approach, to putting things into practise what you covered in the chapter.

    I didn't dislike anything about this course, I found it very enjoyable. At times it one can become overwhelmed with the amount of reading that needs to be done to pass the course. Personally, for me, and this is not a bad thing, it took me some time to really understand the Java 8 DateTime APIs, I had to read the section, 2 times.

  • Author image
    Rafael Lima Brazil

    eJavaGuru: How would you rate this course on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best)?
    Rafael: 5

    eJavaGuru: Did it meet its purpose - enabling you to prepare for the OCA Java SE 8 certification, in an engaging (not boring) way?
    Rafael: Yes. Absolutely!

    eJavaGuru: 3) What did you like about this course?
    Rafael: Everything. Specially the "a-ha" moments.

    eJavaGuru: 4) What did you dislike about the course (How can we improve this course?)?
    Rafael: I did not dislike anything.


Questions and Answers.

Why collaborative learning?

Collaborative learning is a great way to build skills and enhance qualification along with your present jobs. You can do it from the comfort of your own home while engaging with your peer and coaches in real-time. At the same time, one should remember, you get out what you put in, so even collaborative learning requires dedication. Its real people, live engaging with you in real-time. It's very satisfying to help someone with a tricky question at the same time easy to get help on a concept you are struggling to grasp.

Limitations of Self Study / Online courses

All popular models of online training like CBTs, online tutorials, even books etc. rely on the student's self monitoring during the study process. It is proven by research that in self learning or distance learning courses, the course completion rate is poor. One reason for this is that the training provider loses touch with the student which leads to students losing interest in the course. The missing point is the presence of a mentor like in a classroom. If one is able to provide a mentor who is always available to answer student's minutest of queries, perform assessments regularly, evaluate examination and projects, then the drop out rate can be cut drastically.

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