8 type of questions in OCA Java SE 8 certification exam

Learning to code in Java and preparing for the Java certification exam are different. You must familiarize yourself with the exam, which also includes knowing the different types of questions that can be asked to you in the exam.

The examples for all these question type show how the following set of concepts might be tested using a different question type:

Exam Question type 1

The following example would confuse a reader on whether the command line values would be concatenated or added as integer values:

Exam Question type 2

Exam questions without code give you a much needed break from reading code. But it isn't always easy to answer them:

Exam Question type 3

Reading though and comprehending lots of code can be difficult in the exam. The key is to eliminate wrong answers to find the correct answers quickly:

Exam Question type 4

Classic question - "Fill in the blank" :-)

Exam Question type 5

Unless otherwise stated, changes in the answer options are applied individually, that is, result of an answer option wouldn't consider changes suggested in other options:

Exam Question type 6

Because your mind is programmed to select the correct options, answer this type of question very carefully. My personal tip-cross fingers in one of your hands to remind that you need to select the incorrect answers:

Exam Question type 7

An example:

Exam Question type 8

This question includes a pictorial representation of a single or multidimensional array, stating a situation and asking you to select code as input to get the required array formation. An example:

Learning to drive a car is not the same as knowing your driving test. Know your Oracle Java exam before you write it.

Good Luck to you.

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Author of Manning's OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Certification title.