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Benefits of earning SCJP certification

The Sun Java Certification exams represent one of the best way to test an individual's proficiency with the Java language. It demonstrates to an employer or client that you possess competency in the Java language/ technologies.
  • "Anyone can claim to be proficient in Java technologies but Certification proves it".

The Sun certifications are well recognised by the software industry.
In our opinion (which is backed by the feedback from a number of successful Sun Certified professionals), the practical knowledge gained by an individual during certification exam preparation is extremely valuable. Most of the Sun Certified professionals cleared their technical interviews with *much* ease after getting certified!
Sun Certifications also help you to demand a higher salary/ designation than your uncertified peers.

Why distance learning?

Distance learning is a great way to build skills and enhance qualification along with your present jobs. You can do it from the privacy of your own home as technology continues to evolve, making computers and the Internet available to almost everyone. At the same time one should remember, you get out what you put in, so even distance learning requires dedication.

Limitations of Self Study / Online courses

All popular models of online training like CBTs, online tutorials, even books etc. rely on the student's self monitoring during the study process. It is proven by research that in self learning or distance learning courses, the course completion rate is poor.
One reason for this is that the training provider loses touch with the student which leads to students losing interest in the course. The missing point is the presence of a tutor like in a classroom. If one is able to provide a tutor who is always available to answer student's minutest of queries, perform assessments regularly, evaluate examination and projects, then the drop out rate can be cut drastically.

Our role

We provide tutors with our courses, who carry standard industry certifications. These tutors provide SLA based support to students.

Our costs

We offer our services at very competitive prices. We offer attractive rates as we operate out of India where the cost of operations is still lower compared to European and North American markets.

Home Based Learning

  • Personal mentors
  • Assessed assignments
  • Continual progress assessment
  • Comprehensive explanations
  • Multiple practice Mock exams

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