Tricking your mind

Imagine that you are writing your Java Certification and are unable to recall a fact that you have practised at least once.

For an example, imagine that while writing your exam, you are unsure whether the return value from the String method substring() would refer to the String literal ‘Java’ (in the String pool)?  And whether following would output true or false:

String val1 = “Java”;
String val2=”JavaScript”;
System.out.println(val1 == val2.substring(0, 4));

You can trick your mind into remembering such simple, yet important details.

One of the tricks to do so – Share them with others.

Your mind isn’t a collection of unrelated facts. The data or information is ‘connected’ in your mind.

For example, when you discuss a Java fact like the one shown in the preceding example with your friend, peer or anyone else, multiple data items (tags) are attached to the original data. To retrieve the main information, you can pull any of these tags.

This is one of the ways, we at, help you to prepare for your Java certification.

Here’s a quick video –

All the best,

Mala Gupta
Author of Manning’s OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Cert book