Confessions of an experienced project manager – why Java certifications are important

Here’s an interesting story of how Oracle Java Certification helped a team of Java programmers.

Hi, I am John, a senior project manager.

Our company hired a new Java programmer, to join my team, at our Atlanta office, some 5 months back.

I was doubtful at the beginning. With just a few months of experience, I was hesitant to add him to my team. All my team members had been working on various Java projects for more than 7 – 8 years.

I was wrong.

We were approached by a client – one of their Java projects didn’t seem to perform as much as it was supposed to, after being deployed to machines with multi-core processors. Among many measures, one of the steps was to refactor the code to make best use of Java’s parallel streams. My old team seemed to struggle with it. I admit – it is difficult to unlearn and learn new concepts. In this case, our new recruitment (with the least experience), took the lead. He knew about the latest Java language changes, changes in programming style and API changes. With his knowledge and the expertise and experience of all the team members, we managed to breeze though the changes. We even earned brownie points with our client for this project.

On reflecting, we realized that our new recruitment, Harry, knew about the latest language features and approaches because he earned his Oracle Java Programmer certifications. Though I don’t consider certification to be the only factor for his abilities to work on the project, it definitely played a big role.

In fact I would highly recommend experienced programmers to go for Oracle Java Programmer certifications. They include the latest changes in the language and programming approach. Most of the programmers don’t care about updating their skills. They polish their skills when they work on a new project. However, this could be a liability to the organisation and the project they are working on.

The topics included in the Oracle Java Certification like Lambdas, Functional Interfaces, Java Stream API, concurrency enhancements and many more, mandates a programmer to update herself with the latest enhancements.

I highly recommend Oracle Java Programmer Certifications – to improve the existing skills of your employees, increasing the proficiency of your team.

Happy coding!

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