Why I have been writing books on Oracle’s Java Programmer certifications

One of the most agonising sounds is – that of – shattering of your dreams.

As a young girl, my dreams were shattered. I wrote the books on Oracle Java certification with Manning Publications to save others from this pain.

I wanted to become a programmer, ever since I started to code at the young age of 10, in grade 6. I just loved how the mighty machines could be commanded to execute instructions with absolute precision. I felt powerful.

Fast forward – I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University. To my dismay, I realized there was a big gap between what I learnt at the university and what the industry required me to know to work on real projects.

I felt cheated.

My dreams were shattered.

For my first job as a Java programmer, I was asked to earn the Java’s programmer certification within three months of starting my work.

Voila! It was my a-ha moment. For me, it was the perfect way to align the skills of university students with the industry.

Oracle’s beginner certification in Java – Programmer Certifications – teaches the basic hygiene in programming. It covers all the basics of Java programming, a lot of which aren’t used by new programmers. It removes confusions with their usage, promoting good programming practices – showing the bugs that can be introduced with inappropriate code. It also helped me to debug code, finding syntax and logical errors, without even using the compiler or runtime engine.

No, I did NOT assume that I acquired all the preceding skills – the Java’s Programmer Certification validated them.

Ever since that moment –

I wanted to save the dreams of other young students and professionals, all over the world.

I want them to have awesome Java programming skills so that they get to work on the best Java projects.

The Oracle Java Certifications are recognized by the IT industry all over the world.

Oracle also offers multiple levels of certification in Core Java, Enterprise Java and Java Cloud Service.

Writing books on Java certification was one of the ways I could think of helping others.

The Oracle Java Programmer’s exam are not easy to pass. To ease the exam preparation, I use a lot of images, comic strips, hands-on ‘Twist in the Tale’ exercises in my book, so that readers get a hang of Java topics and can recall the final details while writing their exam.

I’m doing my bit to save the big dreams of young university graduates and professionals around the world.

Can you help me in saving these dreams?

– Mala Gupta

One thought on “Why I have been writing books on Oracle’s Java Programmer certifications”

  1. Congratulations. I guess its a big dream -> “to save the big dreams of young university graduates and professionals around the world”.

    Isn’t it overwhelming?

    Can I share a few of my beginner or intermediate level Java projects to help you?

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